Beginning Time of Fajar

14th April 2018


Question. What is the correct time for Fajr and how many degrees should it be? What is the minimum required time between Fajr beginning time and sunrise? Please highlight the issue.


Answer: The correct time for Fajr Salāh is from Subha-Sādiq (break of dawn) until the beginning time of sunrise. Sayyidunā Abdullah Ibn Umar radhiyallahu anhu relates that the Messenger of Allāh sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, “……and the beginning time for the morning prayer (Fajr) is the rising of Fajr (Subhu-Sādiq) until the sun has not risen.”[1]

In correspondence to modern-day astronomy, the time of Fajr begins at astronomical twilight which according to the view of some scholars of the Indo-Pak sub-continent occurs around 18 degrees below the horizon. Shaykh Mufti Shafee Sāhib rahimahullah has elaborated on this issue in one of his treatises and has declared this opinion as to the final verdict.[2]

In reference to the second part to your question, its time duration varies between seasons throughout the year. You must resort to your local Masjid’s Salāh time Calendar for this.

[Allãh Knows Best]

Written by (Mufti) Abdul Waheed

Answer Attested by Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam

JKN Fatawa Department

[1] Muslim, Chapter of the timings of Salāh, No:31

[2] See Jawāhirul-Fiqh vol 7, p85-87