Fiqh of Janazah Workshop


Every soul shall inevitably taste death which we must all prepare for. This means to know the Islamic laws of funeral rites, journey of the soul and how we should prepare for the Hereafter. This all-inclusive one-day workshop will practically demonstrate to the audience of how the funeral rites are prepared, burial rites and know what to do towards near death, what happens when someone dies, bereavement, life after death and so forth.

Aims and Objectives

This full day workshop aims to educate the participants the correct theory and practical understanding of funeral preparation according to the Quran and Sunnah and answer some of the common misconceptions regarding funeral preparations and other related matters.

Topics Covered

  1. What to do when someone dies?
  2. Necessary steps to preparing for someone’s funeral
  3. How to shroud, give ghusl and bury the deceased body
  4. The correct method of performing Janazah Salāh
  5. The different stages of the soul
  6. Etiquettes of condolences and things to do after death.
  7. How to prepare for the Hereafter
  8. Sending reward to the deceased.
  9. Answers to most common questions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to;

  • Appreciating the temporary nature of the Dunya and know how to prepare for the Hereafter
  • Know what initial steps to take when preparing for the funeral
  • Know the correct procedure and method in preparing the deceased from the time of death until burial and other related matters thereafter.

 Presentation Format

Will be a full day workshop on-site combined with lecture format using PowerPoint presentation and practical demonstration. Segregated facilities will be provided on-site for brothers and sisters. Lecture sessions will be combined for both brothers and sisters using segregated facilities and the practical workshop will be delivered in separate spaces by an experienced Apa for the sisters and an external male scholar for the brothers.

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