The Fiqh of Women’s Salah

The Fiqh of Women’s Salah: Key Islamic Rulings

The Fiqh of Women’s Salah: Key Islamic Rulings

This webinar will cover the Fiqh of women’s salah. Salah is obligatory on every sane adult. The five pillars of Islam form the foundation on which a Muslim’s routine and life should be based on. The second pillar is prayer. Salah is not intended to only be a mandatory enactment rather it is the first physical aspect and a sign of the believer’s obedience to Allah SWT. It is a spiritual ritual, a source for gaining strength, patience, and a means of self-purification. A believer does not see salah as a burden but rather a privilege to learn and develop a deeper connection to his Creator. A Muslim offers prayer out of humility and love to show their inner devotion to Allah because he or she depends on Him. In this webinar, we will be discussing the practical aspects of women’s salah and addressing the most common errors or questions. A qualified Muslim scholar Apa Ayesha Khizer will be exploring the Islamic Fiqh of Women’s salah in the light of Shari principles, Quran and Hadith.

What will you learn in this webinar?

• Best and proper way for women to pray according to the Hanafi school of thought.
• How to avoid the common mistakes in salah?
• How do women pray differently to men where do these differences lie?
• How can a woman perform their salat in a concealing manner?
• What is women’s awrah inside salah?
• What is the best place for a woman to pray her salah?
• Can she pray behind the Imam?
• Can men and women pray together?
• Can women not give adhan or Iqamah?
• Can a woman lead in a congregation of other women?
• Can they raise their voices in the presence of men?

Presentation Format:

1. PowerPoint presentation delivered by a qualified female scholar covering the abovelisted topics
2. Presentation followed by Q & A
3. Information pdf/slides will be shared with the registered audience

Topics Covered:

• Women’s awrah in salah
• Women’ Postures in a concealed manner
• Best place for women’s prayer
• Women and congregation
• Adhan and Iqamah by women

About the Lecturer:

• Graduated as a Muslim scholar from JKN Institute, Bradford in 2019.
• Currently in her final year of Takhasus wal Ifta course from Al Balagh Academy.
• Degree in Biochemistry and also done LLB Hons
• Qualified translator and Interpreter
• Teacher at JKN Institute and Al Balagh Academy

Watch The Fiqh of Women’s Salah: Key Islamic Rulings Webinar

Fiqh of Women’s Salah.mp4 from JKN Institute on Vimeo.