Fiqh of Beauty & Adornment

Islamic Contemporary Fiqh Series – Fiqh of Beauty for women

Islām permits and even encourages women to adorn themselves but within the Shar’ee parameters. With the development of the beautification industry in recent decades, there has emerged new methods of beauty enhancement to the point of even altering certain body parts for embellishment. All of this has fiqh implications since fiqh guides us to understand how to correctly practice Islām in every facet of life including adornment. Modern methods of beauty have resultantly transpired numerous enquiries on the Islamic legal status of certain beautification methods of whether they are permissible or not. So, to what extent is adornment permissible in Islām? What are its limitations? Is it permissible to alter or remove certain
bodily parts for the sake of pleasing one’s husband? This unique webinar aims to address these fundamental questions and much more through the guidance of Islamic legal principles using a holistic approach from the Quranic and prophetic evidence as well as the fiqh application.

The aim of this webinar is to equip the sisters with the rudimentary principles on the adornment in Islām and their limitations and how to apply them to modern methods of beautification. The webinar is not aimed to discuss every little detail of the beauty since this is beyond the scope, rather present sufficient understanding around how certain forms of beauty are acceptable and not acceptable in Islam.

By the end of the webinar, you will be able to;
1. Know how to apply those principles to specific conditions.
2. Master the fundamentals of adornment in Islām.
3. Appreciate the status of beauty in Islām and its purpose
4. Knowing what constitutes an accepted form of adornment and what constitutes an alteration of Allāh’s natural creation.

1. What is beauty in Islām
2. What does alteration of Allah’s natural creation entail?
3. Removing facial hair.
4. Personal care such as lip balm, bleaching eyebrows, makeups, tear-trough fillers, microblading and much more.

The format will be through visual PowerPoint and interactive to allow viewers to engage with the topic. Rather than presenting a list of rulings, we will approach the fiqh of beauty by presenting the common case scenarios. The principles related to adornment will be explored through those case studies so to allow viewers to relate to them. The webinar will welcome further questions related to the topic for others to benefit from.

The course is FREE with materials provided at the end of the course.

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