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The fatawa department gets inundated with queries weekly which as a result, risk in many unanswered queries getting backlogged. Therefore, you are kindly requested to become mindful of the below points before posting your query to us.

1. If you have contacted or submitted your question to another scholar or a Mufti then we highly appreciate you don’t post your query here unless they refer you to us.

2. Only submit your query if the answer to your specific query is not published on this website. If it is, then kindly refer to it.

3. Allow up to 10 working days for your query to be answered. Mufti Abdul Waheed or the Takhassus fil fiqh team will answer your query.

4. Keep your query clear and concise as possible. If an elaborative question is necessary then ensure it is clear.

5. Only submit a maximum of two queries at a time. Repost further queries once your previous questions have been answered.

6. We will contact you for further clarification of your query when necessary.

7. All juristic queries are answered according to the Hanafi School of Law.

8. We do not answer dreams nor jinn query matters.

9. Any queries submitted via other means of communication such as WhatsApp or text messages will not be answered through email.

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