Donation Appeal

Assalaamu alaikum Warahmatullah wa barakatuhu

JKN Fatawa department is a non-profit organisation dedicated to addressing contemporary Islamic matters for the Muslim community at large. Our department has been running for over a decade founded by Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam and now currently managed by Mufti Abdul Waheed. It aims to educate the Muslim community from all back grounds and status in practicing our faith in a minority context, recognising our religious values and knowing halal and Haram in all domains of life. Our services include:

1. Answering everyday Islamic queries on contemporary religious legal matters.

2. Delivering webinars and courses on contemporary Muslim matters by a team of male and female scholars and specialists in specific fields.

3. A research department for the ulama and religious students.

To cover the costs of running our project and services an, we humbly appeal to you to donate generously towards this noble project so to continue guiding the Ummah towards right path by addressing contemporary legal matters.

Kindly donate using the link below.

May Allah almighty reward you for your generosity in this world and in the hereafter.

Jazakallah khair

Mufti Abdul Waheed

Project Donation Appeal

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Donations will be used to cover the day to day running of the website and other administration cost of JKN Fatawa Department.

How to donate?

1. Click “Donate Now” Button

2. Enter amount: “£10.00” – Click on “Donate with PayPal” and wait for payment to process.

3. Once payment has been successfully processed, our administration team will shortly contact you and confirm payment and personally thank you.

JKN Event Sponsor

Are you are a business owner?  Why not support JKN Fatawa by sponsoring one of our Upcoming Webinar Events that is taking place through out the year. Your business logo will be branded via our digital poster, social media event marketing and our promo video via YouTube.

How to sponsor?

1. Click “Donate Now” Button

2. Enter: “£100.00” – Click on “Donate with PayPal” and wait for payment to process.

3. Once payment has been successfully processed. Email us your logo to – Subject: Event Sponsor.

4. Our Administration Team will shortly contact you and confirm payment and approval artwork.

5. Our Digital Marketing team will add your logo onto the Event Digital Poster, Event Page, Promo Video and Social Media platforms.