Menstrual Fiqh Masterclass

About the Webinar

Learning the fiqh related to acts of worship is fardh al-ayn. Likewise, understanding the fiqh of menstruation is a fardh al-ayn on every woman. It is of utmost importance for every woman to understand the general principles and rules related to menstruation so that they do not jeopardise their ibadaat through the confusion of whether she is menstruating or not.

Fiqh of Menstruation aims to give every women a thorough understanding of the underlying rules on how to record, calculate and understand one’s menstrual cycle. Including the shariah rulings in respect of the types of bleeding experienced by women.

List of Important questions related to the course.

  1. Is a woman allowed to recite the Qur’an during menstruation or nifas?
  2. Does vaginal discharge break the wudhu or not?
  3. How to calculate menses when your confused about your days?
  4. How do I know my period has started or ended?
  5. Do I need to do ghusl if I see spotting?

Join us in this exclusive online masterclass to explore the above through Islamic guidelines and practical tips through real life case studies.

 Topics covered

  1. Importance of recording and how to calculate one’s menstruation habit.
  2. The different categories of bleeding and the various rulings.
  3. General purity rulings
  4. Istihadah and acts of ibadah.

 What will you learn in this webinar?

  1. Various terminologies and definitions linked to feminine purity.
  2. General Principle of Menstruation, Istihadah and Nifas
  3. Prohibited and permissible acts during different states of bleeding.

Presentation Format

The webinar aims to adopt a practical based approach than merely presenting an exhaustive list of instructions. The delivery format will be through visual PowerPoint with interactive exercises and case studies to allow the audience to engage with the topic. Islamic guidelines in light of the Quranic and prophetic advices will be explored through such practical case studies. There will be some exercise questions in the end for everyone to think over.

Lecturer: Apa Mehmudah Mulla

 About the Lecturer

Apa Mehmudah is a graduate of Alimiyyah Studies from Jameah Uloom ul- Quran Leicester and is currently completing her second year of Takhassus Fil Fiqh Wal Ifta specialising in the Fiqh of Women at Al Balagh Academy. Apa has also completed Level 1 and 2 of in-depth study in the Fiqh of Menstruation with Whitethread Institute. Apa Mehmudah has experience of teaching Arabic Language and Literature as well as Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and is also currently a lecturer at Al Balagh Academy teaching Fiqh and Arabic. She also contributes fatawas on the JKNFatawa sister’s group under the guidance of Mufti Abdul Waheed.