Rekindling Love and Emotional Connection with Your Spouse

Rekindling Love and Emotional Connection with Your Spouse Practical Tips

About the Webinar
Nikah celebration is just the beginning of a new journey in your life. There are key essentials that every married couple must know to keep the love relationship alive and ensure a healthy
relationship with your spouse throughout your marriage life. The rise of marriage problems in recent decades has increased exponentially. Common causes include poor communication, not recognising each other’s emotional needs, mishandling of marital conflicts, and emotional abuse to name but a few. Failing to deal with the underlying problems in a marriage not only damages
your relationship but can negatively impact your children also. In this exclusive webinar, we will equip the interested audience with some essential and practical tool kit for rekindling love and rebuilding an emotional connection with your spouse in light of the Islamic guidelines.

What will you learn in this workshop?
1. Recognise each other’s emotional needs.
2. Knowing how to win over your spouse’s love
3. Practical tips to defusing toxic relationships.
4. Avoid the primary disruptors of every marriage relationship.
5. Simple steps to managing your emotions

Workshop Format
The workshop adopts a practical based approach instead of merely presenting an exhaustive list of instructions. The delivery format will be through visual PowerPoint with interactive case studies and related experiences to allow the audience to engage with the topic of discussion and understand the rulings better. Islamic guidelines in light of the Quranic, prophetic advice will be explored through such practical case studies. There will be a Q&A session at the end and some exercise questions for everyone to ponder over.

Topics covered
1. Recognising our emotional differences.
2. Identifying emotional needs
3. Common mistaken men and women make in a marriage relationship
4. Case Studies – Presenting various scenarios of a toxic relationship and solving them with
simple practical tips.

About the Lecturer
Mufti Abdul Waheed currently serves as a full-time researcher at JKN Fatawa Department for over a decade to date. All of his research fatawas are approved and published on the JKN Fatawawebsite under the attestation of Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam. Many of the fatawas Mufti Abdul Waheed has answered in the past until now include divorce, marriage, dietary laws, finance and personal worship. He has performed Hajj three times and performed all three types of Hajj. As part of the JKN Fatawa Department project, he also deals with Muslim marriage counselling to support couples struggling with their marriage relationship and helps people search for a marriage spouse for over a decade. He has delivered marriage workshops in various cities and periodically contributes articles on marriage and communication building in the Al Mumin magazine. He also lectures at JKN institute in Bradford in Islamic sciences such as, Tafsir (Jalalain), Fiqh (Hidayah), Usool-ul-fiqh (Usool Shashi), Arabic syntax and Islamic research (Buhooth al-Islamiyyah). He also lectures in the Takhassus fil fiqh course, a three-year part-time course which specialises in training students in Ifta at JKN institute and Al-Balagh Academy. He is also pursuing an MA in Islamic Education at Warwick University.