Depression and Islam

Coping With Anxiety & Depression
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Coping with Anxiety and Depression – Using Islamic Principles

The ubiquity of misery and depression in the Muslim community doesn’t go unnoticed. No person deserves to suffer mentally. Learning how to cope with depression using Islamic principles enables self-control and emotional self-awareness so to maintain a balance between pain and hope and most importantly, strengthen our ties with Allāh the Almighty. Many factors contribute to distress amongst which is the absence of Islamic spirituality. When not managed, then distress can take a toll on a person leaving them to cripple both emotionally and spiritually leading to despair in the Mercy of Allāh.

So how do we manage it? Combined with modern mechanisms and Quranic and Prophetic principles, this webinar will equip you with the essential tools to help cope with personal anxiety and depression through Islamic Spirituality.  A must attend webinar so to help rejuvenate the soul to attain tranquillity.

Only through the remembrance of Allāh does the heart attain tranquillity. [13:28]

Some Important areas covered in this webinar.
1. Real Case Studies
2. Islamic Counselling
3. Understanding the Human Fitrah
4. Mental Distress: Common Causes and its Effects
5. Quranic and Prophetic examples and Remedies

Course Price: £15 which includes the webinar notes and recording (after the webinar that is). All payments are non-refundable.

The course is mainly aimed at adults and students whether religious and non-religious.

Some general things all attendees must note;

• All participants must ensure they pay beforehand.
Course notes will be given 2-3 days before the course. Download Here
Recordings will be available for all participants
• When joining the webinar, you must join with your name so the admin can admit you. You will not be admitted if you join with an unusual name.
• You must switch off your camera and audio to avoid disruptions.