Fiqh of Fasting for Brothers

Fasting is one of the five major pillars of Islām. Muslims are required to fast once a year during the blessed month of Ramadhān. Despite Ramadhān occurring every year, its fiqh rulings are innumerable and constantly evolving. New queries emerge every year ranging from its historicity, medical, Taraweeh prayer, travelling, I’tikaf to name but a few. In this unique webinar, a detailed presentation of the fiqh
of fasting in light of the contemporary issues will be explored.


The aim of the webinar is to;
1. Knowing the spiritual benefits of Ramadhān and maximising its
2. To equip the audience with basic principles of fasting.
3. Knowing how to apply those principles in specific case scenarios.

By the end of the course, you will be able to
1. Know how to apply those principles to your own conditions.
2. Master the fundamentals of fasting without the need to enquire about its
3. Knowing how to maximise the month of Ramadhān spiritually.

1. The meaning of Fasting and its brief history.
2. Simplified rules that break and don’t break the fast.
3. What necessitates Qadha only or both Qadha and Kaffarah.
4. Some medical-related rules to fasting
5. Common queries to Taraweeh prayer
6. Fasting whilst travelling

The format will be through visual PowerPoint and interactive to allow viewers to engage with the topic. Rather than presenting a list of rulings, we will approach the fiqh of fasting by presenting the common case scenarios. The principles related to fasting will be explored through those case studies so to allow viewers to relate to
them. The webinar will welcome further questions related to the topic for others to benefit from.
The webinar will then conclude with some spiritual advice on how to maximise the month of Ramadhān.

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