Estate Distribution Between Wife, Three Sons and Five Daughters

15th January 2016


السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Question: Could you please help me on this matter. I’ve received an inheritance of £247,500 that needs to be allocated between these inheritors; Wife, 3 sons and 5 daughters. Kindly explain to us how much does each heir receive from the above amount according to the Islamic legal principles?


الجواب حامداً و مصلياً

In the name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful



In reference to your query, if the total above-stated amount remains after discharging all funeral expenses, clearing all outstanding debts and executing one-third as a will from the deceased’s wealth (that is if he made a will), then the total estate will be divided by 88 shares, from which 1/8th of dividend is allocated to the wife first. The residue portion thereafter must be distributed between the children; each son receiving double the share of a daughter. The dividend per heir is illustrated in the table below.


Eligible Beneficiaries Share Amount
Wife 1/8th (11) £247,500 ÷ 8 = £30,937.50
  Remainder 77 Shares to be distributed between the children £247,500 – £30,937.50 = £216,562.50

£216,562.50 ÷ 77 = 2,812.50

Son 1 14 £39,375.00
Son 2 14 £39,375.00
Son 3 14 £39,375.00
Daughter 1 7 £19,687.50
Daughter 2 7 £19,687.50
Daughter 3 7 £19,687.50
Daughter 4 7 £19,687.50
Daughter 5 7 £19,687.50
Total 77 £247,500


[Allãh Knows Best]


Written by (Mufti) Abdul Waheed

Answer Attested by Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam

JKN Fatawa Department