Fiqh of Hajj Workshop

Hajj is one of the five major pillars of Islām performed once in a lifetime. Allāh Almighty states in the Quran, “And mandatory it is upon mankind the pilgrimage of the house for Allāh (only) for the one able to travel towards it” (Surah ale-Imran 3:97). Like with every obligatory act, knowing its essential rules to ensure the correct performance of the Hajj rites is also necessary. Often people become oblivious of the common mistakes performed by many resulting in either their Hajj as incomplete, deficient or reduced in reward. The aim of this intensive workshop is to equip the interested audience with the essential tool kit in mastering the guidance towards performing Hajj correctly and how to avoid common mistakes. It will cover both essential rules with a practical explanation. Some of the key questions addressed are as follows;

1. How can I ensure my Hajj is performed correctly?
2. How do I know whether Hajj is Fardh upon me or not?
3. What does and does not result in a penalty?
4. What essential preparations must I make before journeying to Hajj?
5. How to familiarise myself with the essential Hajj guide?
6. How can I avoid the most common mistakes in Hajj?
7. How can I exercise self-control in an overly crowded environment?
8. And much more……

Join us in this exclusive interactive workshop delivered onsite at JKN Institute to explore the above through Islamic and practical guidelines with practical case studies.
What will you learn in this workshop?

1. Master the basic rules of Hajj and their application to real-life cases
2. Know how to avoid the common mistakes in Hajj
3. Understand how to perform Hajj correctly
4. What preparations to make before going for Hajj
5. Understand its virtues and significance

Workshop Format
The workshop adopts a practical based approach instead of merely presenting an exhaustive list of instructions. The delivery format will be through visual PowerPoint with interactive case studies and related experiences to allow the audience to engage with the topic of discussion and understand the rulings better. Islamic guidelines in light of the Quranic, prophetic advice and fiqh application will be explored through such practical case studies. There will be a Q&A session at the end and some exercise questions for everyone to ponder over.

Topics covered
1. Definition of the Key terms
2. Laws of Ihram for both males and females
3. Laws of penalty
4. Practical explanation of the Hajj rites.
5. The significance of Hajj for Muslims
6. Application of those key rulings to real-life situations.
7. Avoiding common mistakes during Hajj

About the Lecturer
Mufti Abdul Waheed currently serves as a full-time researcher at JKN Fatawa Department for over a decade to date. All of his research fatawas are approved and published on the JKN Fatawa website under the attestation of Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam. Many of the fatawas Mufti Abdul Waheed has answered in the past until now include divorce, marriage, dietary laws, finance and personal worship. He has performed Hajj three times and completed all three types of Hajj. As part of the JKN Fatawa Department project, he also deals with Muslim marriage counselling to support couples struggling with their marriage relationship and helps people search for a married spouse for over a decade. He has delivered marriage workshops in various cities and periodically contributes articles on marriage and communication building in the Almuminmagazine. He also lectures at JKN institute in Bradford in Islamic sciences such as Tafsir (Jalalain), Fiqh (Hidayah), Usool-ul-Fiqh (Usool Shashi), Arabic syntax and Islamic research (Buhooth al-Islamiyyah). He also lectures in the Takhassus fil fiqh course, a three-year part-time course which specialises in training students in Ifta at JKN institute and Al-Balagh Academy. He is also pursuing an MA in Islamic Education at Warwick University.

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