The Salah of A traveller

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Salāh is one of the most important pillars in our Deen. Salāh remains obligatory whether we are at home or journeying to our specific destination. Rulings pertaining to Salah change for a traveller that are vital to know. There are many key questions that need to be addressed such as; what are the principles of converting into millage? What is the correct millage considering the differences of opinion amongst the scholars? What is the difference between an Islamic mile and an English mile? What was the Prophetic practice of Qasr? When does one qualify as a Musafir? Is it permissible for a Hanafi to combine Salahs whilst travelling?

In this unique online course, Mufti Abdul Waheed will be addressing the above key questions in light of the evidences and the opinions of the four schools of thought. The course is primarily aimed for advanced Islamic students otherwise opened to anyone interested in the course.

Some of the key areas that will be covered are;

  1. Differences amongst the schools as to who qualifies as a Shar’ee Musafir.
  2. The distances that necessitates Qasar
  3. Modern metric calculation of Qasr.
  4. The various scholarly opinions of the correct millage
  5. Combining Salahs
  6. Common errors and questions related to Qasar
  7. The diverse opinions of women travelling without a Mahram, and much more.

Course Price: £15 Including the course material, recording and any follow up questions after the session.

The course is mainly aimed at adults and students of knowledge

Some general things all attendees must note;

• All participants must ensure they pay beforehand.
• Course notes will be given 2-3 days before the course. Download Here
• Recordings will be available for all participants
• When joining the webinar, you must join with your name so the admin can admit you. You will not be admitted if you join with an unusual name.
• You must switch off your camera and audio to avoid disruptions.